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I'm Dorothy, nice to meet you!
Welcome to my Personal Site and Fanlisting Collective. This is the place where I keep my babies and my jobs related to fanarts, colorizations of manga pages and more.
This is the fourth version of this site and I'll try to update it frequently, everytime I can.

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Celestial Dreams

 date: June 05, 2013

Hello everyone!

As always, a big update for almost all of the sections of this site.
As first thing, I added some DRAWS and COLORIZATIONS, also a section related to two doujinshi I made.
Furthermore, some new fanlistings and some update for the less recent ones!
The new fanlistings are:

The updated ones are:

And, a special thanks to the kind Rainie, that let me adopted Yuki Cross' fanlisting!

May God Bless you all, see you!


 date: December 31, 2012

Hi there!

Again, it's been such a long time since my last news.
As first thing, I want to apology with everyone that has joined my KIM List in the last months. The server that hosts my sites (this one and the one of my TFL related fanlistings) had an update and I didn't know it. I've just noticed it because I wanted to add my new falistings to the KIM Lists and they didn't work. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, I'll proper apology with everyone via e-mail!

About the site updates... I'm happy to present my last approved fanlistings, they're:

Furthermore, I added my new draws and colorizations to the proper pages.

The reason I chose this day to update the site is that I'd like to wish you a wonderful 2013 rich of happiness and pleasures! May God Bless you!

See you!


 date: August 01, 2012


Finally, the huge update I promised more than one months ago.
Since I have a lot of things to say, I'll split it in two part, and this first one is dedicated to my fanlistings.
As first thing, I want to thank with all the heart my dear Akira-chan and the kind Ava!
Akira let me own with her Hungary's fanlisting, and Ava let me adopt Yukiko's one!! Yaaaaaay, I'm so happy!!!
Speaking of happiness, I want to thank TAFL and God, because I was blessed in these last rounds of applications!
I was approved for some character and two relations I was dreaming about, I haven't sufficient words to thanks them!!
These fanlistings are:

For this update, that's all!




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